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Former department of Apollinaire Aerospace company (Incorporated in 1957, created in 1892), Agrosta engineers are commited to quality and excellence We manufacture a large range of instruments for texture analyzis dedicated to food and agriculture markets, as well as colorimeters and spectrophotometers. We have designed several combined machines that can provide most physical parameters of any food or agro product Since a couple of years we work for medicine and pharmacy as well with good successes : A machine has been designed with an australian partner in order to detect ruptured berasts implants in women- And another one for testing the texture of metastasis in human brain with a partner from Taiwan Our workshop has a wide variety of technologies : Digitally operated machining centers, digital lathe, More than ten 3D printers, electronic workshop, IT programming office Agrosta exports to more than 60 countries (30 countries for 2018 only), our clients are growers, packers, researchers, retailers, universities, breeders. the most prestigious universities, private companies and research centers in the world trust Agrosta We propose a range of standard machines, but our engineers are always happy to design on demand solutions Wherever you are in the world, Agrosta will be your partner of excellence
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© Made by Agrosta 2019




© Made by Agrosta 2019
Agrosta 100 Usb including software and one tip to be chosen between 10, 25 and 50 - PC connected firmness tester for soft fruits : Berries, cherries, tomatoes
Agrosta 100 Field including software and one tip to be chosen between 10, 25 and 50 - Digital firmness tester for soft fruits : Berries, cherries, tomatoes
Agrosta Winterwood with turntables and tip to be chosen
Agrosta 14 Usb including software and 2 tips (8 and 11) - PC connected penetrometer for fruits and vegetables
Agrosta 14 Field penetrometer for fruits and vegetables providing statistics, with microSD - Adapted for apples, pears, bananas, peaches, strawberries, carrots and far more..
Agrosta Texture Analyser with software and calibration stand
Agrosta Life durometer dedicated to living, meat and medicine, provided with 3 tips and 1 abutment
Jufel : Quick juice extractor for measuring juiciness, or making sugar or PH measurements
Colorimeter for food, fruits and vegetables, providing 18 values along the visible, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, with software and calibration miror
Fruit Texture Analyzer by Agrosta : Automatic penetrometer and deflection measurement, directly to Excel
Apple Texture analyzer
Durofel XF soft fruits firmness tester, adapted for tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, cranberries
Durofel XF simple durometer by Agrosta
Agrosta ATA Analog Texture Analyzer provided with 4 standard tips, one specific tip and one table
Agrosta Wonderful with turntables and tip to be chosen
Agrosta Angèle Texture Analyzer for large batches
Agrosta Vision Box, a full system for color and defect analyzis of fruits and food products