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Being a world leader in design and manufacturing of instruments for fruits, food and veterinary research, having operations in France, and exporting to more than 50 countries, Agrosta is the best partner for you ! In 1985, our engineers have invented the Durofel - We are now proposing more than 20 different products, mainly in color, size, weight and firmness measurement. We produce durometers (Firmness testers, texturometers) for soft fruits, penetrometers for crisp fruits, colorimeters, lab scales, digital calipers.. as well as durometers for alive birds, chicken, meat, cow udders Since 2014, we design motorised durometers and penetrometers for apples, cherries and bluenerries. In 2016 all those automatic systems have been updated. We are still working on a durometer for womens breast in order to detect breast implants rupture You will certainly be interested by our multipurpose instruments for research as well.. Every day, we invent new solutions for you..
Penetrometer for apples and pears Biscuit crispness instrument by Agrosta Firmness tester for soft fruits and tomatoes Combined colorimeter and firmness tester for soft fruits